Dream As If You’ll Live Forever & Live As If You’ll Die Today by commodoresexual
Rating: NC-17 (light)
Word Count: 29,400
Summary: Cas hasn’t spoken a word to anyone in years and is a drifter who works various odd jobs to finance himself. Dean is a guy with a violent temper who grew…


spainkitty-mishassweetestkittles asked:

Heya! Don't know if you remember me, but I got recc'd to read a Sporty High School AU and that.. was it, It's the End of the World Somewhere? The one with teen!Cas being based on 2014!Cas that I stopped reading becuz I didn't realize that- anyway. THEY WERE BOTH SUPERB. I'm so glad I read them (and gave that second one a second chance). I still don't think I'll go outta my way for HS AU, but at least I can actually rec two with good conscience! Thanks!

destielfanfic answered:

Of course I remember you! :) Glad you liked the fics. Just an fyi to you (and our followers), scaramouche has a a bunch of timestamps for It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere. They are linked on the posts for the fic, but for convenience:

We’re Almost Our of Minutes (prequel): AO3 Dreamwidth

We Had An Appointment (sequel): AO3 Dreamwidth

Dean’s POV (set during the original fic): Meanwhile (currently only on dreamwidth)

In addition, there’s an AU of the fic called That’s Pretty Nice Timing (AO3 Dreamwidth). We’ve unofficially recced it a few times (first here) and it is definitely worth checking out!

Oh, and a link to Sporty High School AU for those interested.



AU "HAVE LOVE, WILL TRAVEL": Castiel Novak is a reclusive writer with a childhood so tragic it’s left him terrified to leave his home—until his overbearing brother, Gabriel, drags him out for a night on the town full of booze and strip clubs, and he encounters Dean Winchester, a mesmerizing and mysterious stripper with secrets of his own.

"I think it’s good that I’m your favorite human, because you’re my favorite angel…with a badass right hook."



inspired by this video.

"Dean, please just eat your cracker," Cas says for the millionth time as Dean shoves the cracker into his nose again.

He’d just had surgery to fix the tear in his knee and he’s still pretty drugged when he looks up at Cas and mumbles, “Whoa… did…



Sam and Dean preparing for a hunt and telling Cas everything he needs to do in the Bunker bc he’s still not over completely Falling yet and right before they leave Dean leans in and gives him a kiss and Sam just kinda falters when he sees it but just kinda figured it was about time anyway so he goes on with what he’s doing and Cas being surprised but happy about it and Dean not realizing what he did until he’s in the Impala and

"Did I just kiss Cas?"





“Oh-el…” The syllables feel wrong on his tongue, guttural and chunky. “Oh-el na-med…”

“Oh-el na-med-un-gisa-na voh-rah-sa-gah,” Cas tells him with a smile curling around the edges of his mouth, barely holding back the laugh. Dean wrinkles his nose and reaches over to shove Cas…


Flavor of the Week


A/N: Happy birthday, Miss Charlotte! Sorry this is late. Also sorry that this is terrible. I tried. *smooch*!

Castiel is irritated.

Not even the familiar twangs of Buddy Holly’s Everyday can ebb out the bubbling annoyance he’s experiencing. Not tonight.  

Another giggle comes from behind his roommate’s ever so thin walls and then a light thump is heard followed by more giggles and then, Castiel shudders as he hears it, a low chuckle.

Dean, he thinks.

Castiel reaches out a trembling hand and turns the volume up a little more hoping Dean and flavor-of-the-week will hear it and take a hint.

Half an hour later Castiel can’t take it any longer. He wishes it were as simple as being able to retreat to his room and blocking out whatever the hell it is that’s going on in Dean’s room, but the sounds are even more unbearable in his own room.

With a sigh Castiel reaches in his pocket and pulls out his phone, quickly dialing Balthazar’s number.

"Lemme guess," Balthazar answers, "Dean has a ‘friend’ over again?"

Castiel drops his head to rest on his arm that lies across the desk. “I can’t take this anymore,” he groans, “I think it’s time for me to start looking for a new dorm.”

"And I think it’s time for you to grow a pair and tell Darling Winchester to stop getting his shag on when you’re at home.” Balthazar counters.

Castiel groans again. “I can’t face him,” he says dejectedly.

"Listen darling, as much as I love our adorable bonding over Dean and whatever it is he does in that bedroom of his  don’t you think-” Balthazar pauses and his voice goes soft before he continues, “don’t you think it might be easier just to tell him how you feel?”

Castiel frowns at his phone as his stomach flip flops and he adjusts in his seat. “I assure you, Balthazar, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

"Don’t be so daft, Cassie. I’ve seen the way you look at him. Hell, everyone on campus has seen the way you look at him. It’s a wonder he hasn’t figured it out for himself."

"He’s too busy figuring everyone else out," Castiel grumbles.

Balthazar chuckles across the line. “I’ve got to run, Cassie, but honestly, just tell him how you feel. Or at least establish some rules, appropriate times for sex and all that, alright? If that doesn’t work out then you can start looking for somewhere else to live.”

"Alright," Castiel mutters.

The call ends with a click and Castiel slides his fingers underneath his glasses and rubs at his eyes. He leans back in his seat and lets his mind wander, reflecting on how he got to this point.

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